Do you have a project that you need assistance with? We can happily assist at any scale, be it bug fixes or producing an entire product from start to finish.

Why choose Lapidux?

Made With Passion
Not only are we good at what we do, but we enjoy doing it. We let our work speak for itself and are not happy until our client is happy. You don't just get a project, you get valuable contacts who will always happily help you with future projects.

Experts Only
We only offer services that we feel confident we are experts in. When deciding to work with Lapidux on a project, you get experts. When assigning staff to projects, one of our primary deciding factors is area of expertise and relevant subject knowledge and experience.

Security Conscious
There's no point writing code unless it's secure code. As a firm with experience in cyber security, we write our code with attack vectors in mind. You should never have to compromise on the security of your software just because it's bespoke.